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James Adam University is premium institute for online education built with a mission of making education accessible and available to everyone across the globe.

James Adam University is a center for working professionals who seek high level of career growth. Many students including working professionals from all around the globe — who are employed full-time but aspire to reach career-apex and improve their lifestyle by strengthening their academic profile enroll with certainty and confidence at Harvey’s Degree and non-Degree Programs . James Adam University facilitates its students to study under the guidance of renowned and experienced faculty, made up of professionals who rest among the best in their field.

Featured Programs

  • accreditation

    Our Accreditation & Membership augment your integrity and make you stand out in the rest.James Adam University continually strives to deliver high standards in online education to individuals around the globe. In order to maintain immaculate quality, James Adam University adapts stringent processes for devising pertinent curricula, evaluation of students, and smooth sailing of the online education system.

  • Online Program

    We offer an education based on real-world experience, on a schedule that fits in your real life. Each course is taught by professors who view their teaching as a calling, not simply their profession.Higher education can open many doors. But, overcoming the demands of family and work to focus on your education can be a challenge. That's why we're committed to providing rigorous degree and certificate programs and a learning environment that's designed to support working adults. From the day you enroll, you’ll have a dedicated Graduation Team who helps you every step of the way.

  • Notable Faculty

    Our faculty consists of high-class scholars and educational professionals from all over the world.Our faculty members come from all corners of the world, bringing with them valuable knowledge and expertise. We have both full-time and part-time faculty, which is involved in the designing and development of the courses and study programs. They also manage assessments of class work and assignments, and provide students recommendation letters for better job placements globally

  • Global Presence

    The degrees earned at James Adam University are recognized and accepted all across the globe.Our local and regional student counselors are present to understand the needs of every area in each continent, and this helps us to improve our online education system. These student counselors have had a numbers of years of experience in interacting with students around the globe, so rest assured, they know what your needs are before you even mention it to them.

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