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Career Services

The Career Development Services at James Adam University are dedicated to facilitate students in the most exclusive possible manner. At JAU we work as a globally extended team with faculty, academic advisors, and career counseling professionals from around the world to optimize the chances of your success - as a student and as an employer.

Placement Services

James Adam University particularly caters to working professionals who aspire to study without compromising their jobs. About 90% of James Adam University students are currently employed and possess valuable and relevant experience in their respective fields. The students who have substantial work experience and a successful track record are preferred by the admission department at James Adam University. Keeping in mind the students’ passion for career advancement and professional excellence, James Adam University offers a wide range of employment opportunities and internships for the students in reputed organizations globally.

The following are the placement services offered by James Adam University:


The internship opportunities provided by James Harden University enable students to gain valuable real-life work experience before they start working full-fledge. Internships also prove to be beneficial to those professionals who are looking for a change in their career paths, providing them with the necessary industry knowledge and a substantial opportunity to socialize with the right people. While interning, students work on real life projects and assignments to gain experience that prepares them for actual workplace settings and projects. Internships can be both; paid and unpaid depending upon the company and industry offering internship.


For JAU students who are soon to complete their education, the university facilitates them for the best possible job placements through its valuable partnerships with top employers in every region looking for polished human resource. JAU has joined hands with some of the most successful nation and multi-nationals corporations to provide the desired jobs to its graduates who are looking for a prosperous and highly rewarding professional career. In order to provide recruiters with unmatched and competitive HR support, advanced student placement programs are devised through mutual collaboration with these corporate partners.

Career Focused Academics

Academics at James Adam University are formulated to facilitate your growth and exceptional progress throughout your professional career. To ensure that we meet all of your academic demands, JAU offers an extensive range of degree and non-degree programs including various diplomas and certification in 16 fields of specialization. This opportunity for academic excellence provided at James Adam undoubtedly helps you in choosing the right field of studies and make exceptional growth on the career-path with your academic, leadership and communication capabilities combined with your passion and effort in the direction of professional prosperity.

At James Adam students are also given the opportunity to continue their education without compromising on their professional or personal commitments and staying right on track when it comes to adding to their qualifications for growth in their careers. The Continuing Education Department is a specialized department that facilitates students through personalized Career Oriented Academic Counseling guiding them to their desired professional recognition and growth.

Specialized Programs and Courses

Under the Career Focused Education Programs, James Adam University allows Individuals to study specialized programs and courses in relevant fields to enhance their career prospects Click here to Get Started >>>

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