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Corporate Partners

James Adam University not only focuses on providing quality education, but also strives to provide the gateway to progress for its students. To do so in the most effective manner, affiliations and collaborations have been established with successful corporations globally.

To ensure that the process remains streamlined our corporate partners are always kept in loop regarding the changes required or made to the curriculum or the new batch of graduates passing out. Similarly, when job vacancies arise at our partner firms, they ensure that JAU is the first one to know about these vacancies so that the most competent candidates can be referred to these organizations.

The positions and organizations where JAU graduates are currently employed is the mark for the prestige and reputation that our institution carries with it.

Internship Program

It is of utmost importance that students are given a feeler of the actual workplace environment before they end up in real jobs. This purpose is best served by the internships, or short term employments offered to students as a mandatory part of the degree programs. James Adam University works in coordination with its corporate partners to create the best internship opportunities for its students. The internships not only allow students to apply their academic gains professionally but also broaden their exposure for better professional networking and employment opportunities.

Placement Program

James Adam University has placement offices operating in 6 continents and representatives in every region, ensuring global presence. Once we are notified about job vacancies at reputed companies, these representatives create a pool of candidates who match the employers’ requirements followed by the episode of recommendations and other formalities. At James Adam we ensure that we play our part in helping students to gain the deserved share in corporate exposure and growth.


Establishing partnership with James Adam University permits you to access our extensive student database to execute correct hiring for your organization. At the same time our partners enjoy the privilege to enroll their current employees at James Adam University for a number of programs. These programs focus on employee development and training so that they can become more skillful and play their significant part in the growth of their organization. Students when referred to JAU by their employers become entitled to receive special discounts on their tuition fees. Also, these students can opt for our life time experience degree program, earning credits for their work experiences.

Contact our student counselors at +1-866-865-5288 to discuss your partner employer status.

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