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Partnership Progam

At James Adam University we believe in growing together in collaboration with others, be they passionate individuals or corporations looking for valuable human resource. This philosophy of mutual growth has always us helped in staging a win-win scenario for the affiliates and collaborators. When the university benefits from corporate and associate referrals, we ensure that our partners are rewarded back through quality human resource and financial benefits.

The following are the categories of Institutional Partnerships Programs offered by James Adam University.

A. On-Campus Universities

The On-campus University collaborations provide James Adam University with the opportunity to remain in line with the practices and services offered to students there, ensuring that we never lag behind in the race to academic excellence. On the other hand, the conventional university systems that are physically constrained can rely on James Adam’s premium online education services to enroll their students in the courses that are not offered at their facility.

B. Training and Vocational Institutes

Training and development institutes around the world have collaborated with James Adam University to create a winning combination of academics and skill-development. The vocational trainers can take assistance from JAU‘s Faculty to design programs that best suit the need of times and help their students to develop the required skills for fitting in to the system.

Email us at info@jamesadamuniversity.com or apply through the form provided on our official website to become our valuable partner.

Role of Associate Institutes and Universities

Our associate institutes and universities assist us to inculcate superior standards of education and offer education to students on our behalf, in the areas where online education is still unattainable. The greatest advantage of these associations is that students receive the same quality of education with the most economical and relaxed fee structures.

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